"Pressure Makes Diamonds" is our motto. We strive to perfect our art and provide the best in performing and recording arts with an emphasis on African and African diasporic history and culture. Sancocho Music and Dance Collage specializes in traditional music and dance from the Spanish-speaking countries of the Caribbean Islands that have strong African cultural retentions.  Amoah's African Drum Works provides fine quality custom-made African and Afro Caribbean percussion instruments as well as restoration and repair services. The Call of the Ancestors provides resources and guidance on one of the most challenging journeys in life, self-discovery.  Coal Bin Production's digital and analog recording facilities provides demo production for composers, poets, singers, rappers, actors, aspiring recording artists and others. Come on in and check us out.  Our Upcoming Events calendar will keep you informed of current performances and community events. May the peace and prosperity you seek be found.

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Previous events


Sancocho Drummers

Purdue University Memorial Union, Lafayette IN

African American Student Graduation Celebration


African American Dance Company's 17th Annual Dance Workshop

 —  —

Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center, 7th & Jordan Sts./IU Campus, Bloomington, IN

IU African American Dance Company provides dance classes in various African Diasporic genres; taught by national and international teachers flown-in for the occasion; live percussion accompaniment for classes provided by Sancocho's drummers.


African American Dance Company Studio Concert

Wilkie Auditorium, Indiana University, Bloomington IN

The Drummers of Sancocho Music and Dance Collage perform at the annual AADC Studio Concert

Age limit: All ages