Sancocho, (san-KO-choh) is a stew in Latin America that combines meats, vegetables and spices to create a unique taste. Using this metaphor, the ensemble (founded in 1995 by Iris Rosa Santiago and A.J. 'Tony' Artis) focuses on music and dance traditions from the African diaspora that are Spanish-speaking and have strong African cultural retentions, such as Rumba and Bailes Orishas from Cuba and Bomba from Puerto Rico. The artistic director, Iris Rosa, and musical director, Andre Rosa-Artis, lead a group of drummers and dancers to combine a delicious concoction that is sure to satisfy your musical appetite.

The music you are listening to was recorded at Coal Bin Productions and is performed by Sancocho and one of our esteemed teachers, Baba Reynaldo Gonzalez.  He hails from Matanzas, Cuba, where we first met in 1995, and currently lives in Boston MA.  Baba Rey was a featured dancer with Grupo Afro Cuba de Matanzas for 14 years and is also an accomplished drummer and vocalist.  He wrote this Rumba especially for Sancocho and is the lead vocalist on this recording. Ashe O! 

Sancocho members (l to r) Raul Padro, Iris Rosa, Tony Artis, Andre Rosa-Artis

Sancocho Members

2014 Indy Jazz Fest poster

2014 Indy Jazz Fest poster