ORÍ, (aw-REE), is a music ensemble based in Indianapolis, IN, that focuses on contemporary popular music with an emphasis on AfroLatin and AfroCaribbean jazz. The name, ORÍ, is a word from the Yoruba of southwest Nigeria, West Africa, that refers to the 'little voice' (aka 'conscience') that all of us have inside our heads that guides us on our life path. Let ORÍ guide you on a tour of Jazz melodic structures and African diasporic rhythms that will sonically energize, refresh and revitalize. Please check out the 2007 release of the CD, "THAT VOICE INSIDE".

The current musicians for ORÍ are: Mark Monts de Oca, piano; Raul Padro, drums; Tony Artis, bass guitar.

Mark Monts de Oca is a jazz pianist of a wide range of influences, being exposed to gospel, Cuban, Latin and mainstream jazz throughout his formative years. He is one of the few musicians who has a natural, authentic feel for both traditional jazz and Afro Cuban music. During the 80’s and 90’s he lived in Puerto Rico and performed weekly throughout San Juan as an established jazz pianist in the local scene there. He performed regularly on local television and in the local jazz festivals such as the 1993 Heineken Jazz Festival. He now resides in Indianapolis and is performing in jazz and Latin venues in the area.

Anthony J. 'Tony' Artis, aka 'Baba Amoah' (AH-moe-wah) is a native of Kokomo, Indiana, and has lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, since 1978. He likes all genres of music as long as it is performed to the best of the artists' ability. He began studying bass guitar (self-taught) in 1965 and African percussion in 1990. He has studied in various cities in the U.S., Ghana, West Africa and Cuba and is an African drummaker, owner/operator of Amoah's African Drum Works and Coal Bin Productions.  He is the founder and artistic director of Ori Afro Jazz Ensemble. Tony began his career as a full-time professional musician in 2000, after retiring from his 25 year practice as an architect and semi-professional musician. 

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