The mission of Call of the Ancestors is to enable African and African Diasporic people to resurrect and maintain recognition, awareness, self-respect and pride of their own history and realization of their own talents, gifts and abilities.  As a result of the restoration and cultivation of love for their ancestry, enable the demonstration of how all people, through awareness and respect for themselves, can work for liberation from the bondage and injustice created by slavery, colonization, racial, class and gender inequality throughout the world. 

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"The idea of a "savior" is not to be considered a high philosophical concept but it is useful in helping us to understand early on in our spiritual quest that there is a higher power which we can call upon to assist and guide us through our lives. Thus from a more advanced perspective, the main gods and goddesses of Egyptian mythology such as Heru and Hetheru should be viewed as guides or teachers, rather than as "saviors" in the western religious sense of the word which suggests that it is through the efforts of someone "outside of ourselves" (i.e. Jesus Christ, God, Angels, Saints, etc.) that we will be liberated. It is we who must do the work of saving ourselves through the application of the teachings. Thus, when discussing the idea of a Savior we must consider that it is our own higher self who is being described therefore, we must strive to acquire those qualities which will lead to our own liberation."
Egyptian Yoga: The Philosophy of Enlightment (vol. 1) 
   by Sebai Dr. Muata Ashby


"Like peoples of any culture, Afro-Americans are stimulated to pride by being able to refer to their ancestors as distinguished in achievements. But a crushing blow that leaves an emotional scar within the feelings of school kids of color occurs after they complete the assigned course of U.S. History and find that little or no credit is given to their foreparents. Despite the silence of history books, Afro-American foreparents were the most patriotic of patriots, among the bravest of soldiers, and were the most faithful and largest producers of the young nation's riches. The faithfulness of these slaves, whose greatest achievements were either never recorded, were lost, or destroyed, itself possesses a lofty merit and beauty."
- Dr. Joseph A. Bailey II, Echoes of Ancient African Values (2005)

"True culture provides us with a personal and societal structure that enables the ongoing cultivation of our optimal genetic expression and also ensures that the knowledge gained by the society over time is stored and reused to ensure the continuing cultivation and self-actualization of the next generation." 
-TemTi Sahu Ra (2013)

"The lion's share of Africa's astronomical heritage is not locked in silent stones; it exists in still-living and exceedingly rich oral traditions" that pass this knowledge "from mouth to ear."
- Keith Snedegar, African Cosmos Stellar Arts (2012)