Rhythm is an essential part of every living entity of and on this earth. The rhythm of our heartbeat and our breath plays on continuously, even in our sleep. There is a drum in every culture on the planet, but we have strayed from our cultural roots. It is the mission of Amoah's African Drum Works to re-unite us with our drums and put us back in touch with our internal rhythms and one of the most powerful energy sources in the universe … ourselves.

Anthony 'Tony' Artis received the name of 'Yaw Amoah' (AH-mo-wah) in the village of Kwao Baa, Eastern Region, Ghana, West Africa, in 1992, during a visit in which he began his study of drum making. He was able to reach a professional level in his drummaking when he received his first of two Creative Renewal Fellowships in 1999 from the Indianapolis Arts Council which enabled him to apprentice, study and establish himself as a professional drummaker. In 2007, he received his second IAC Fellowship and travelled to Matanzas, Cuba to acquire skills in carving drums from solid logs. Tony named Amoah's African Drum Works in honor of the teachers and people of Kwao Baa, for the extension of their knowledge, wisdom, love and hospitality as they unselfishly welcomed him home.

"Find your rhythm..."

Amoah's Video

Background music composed, performed and produced by A.J. 'Tony' Artis
 oopyright 2000 Invisible Art Publishing

Amoah's Drums

Photos by William Rasdell
(copyright 2015)

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